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2" x 20"/24"/28" Wavey Foam Noodle

  • Model No.:FB-CSFW1916
  • Product description: 2" x 20"/24"/28" Wavey Foam Noodle

Sometimes a classic never gets old and this 28" foam noodle is a prime example of it. This foam noodle is noiseless and safe. It has a large amount of space for imprinting messages, company names or logos onto the surface of the noodle stick. It's the perfect item for conventions, corporate events and sports venues. Many colors are available to suit any marketing strategy.


White, Orange 021U, Yellow 116U, Pink 189U, Red 186U, Maroon 194U, Purple 267U, Royal Blue 286U, Navy Blue 2965U, Dark Green 342U, Kelly Green 347U, Lime Green 374U, Brown 498U, Columbia Blue 542U, Black

Size:20"/24"/28 " x 2 " x 1.5 "


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